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The following list contains abstracts of the quotations submitted and copies of the specifications on small purchases that have been awarded. Click on any of the column headings below to sort the jobs listed. You may also search using the drop downs and search criteria box below. Click on "view" to see a copy of the specification or abstract selected. This list contains only jobs that have been processed through the new online system and will not contain older jobs.

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Jacket Number 6Rev. 5Office Name 5Bid Close Date 5Product Type 5Title 5Total 5Ship Delivery Date 5Date Awarded 5Spec 5Abstract 5
093295 Agency Publishing Services08/06/2015FormsHouse Special Event Gallery Passes 350008/26/201508/06/2015ViewView
095022 R-2Agency Publishing Services07/28/2015EnvelopesProperty/Evidence Kraft Envelopes W/String 500008/21/201507/28/2015ViewView
095376 R-1Agency Publishing Services07/17/2015FormsMiscellaneous Services: Form 100007/24/201507/17/2015ViewView
095540 Agency Publishing Services07/27/2015FormsRX LABELES 400008/05/201507/27/2015ViewView
095697 Agency Publishing Services08/07/2015TagsMiscellaneous Services: USCP PROPERTY TAG W/string 1000008/17/201508/07/2015ViewView
095723 Agency Publishing Services08/07/2015Forms2 Part NCR Form" Official Travel Authorization" 50008/12/201508/07/2015ViewView
095931 Agency Publishing Services09/09/2015Labels/StickersMailing Labels 200009/18/201509/09/2015ViewView
095945 R-1Agency Publishing Services09/09/2015EnvelopesPROPERTY/EVIDENCE ENVELOPE W/STRING 200010/07/201509/09/2015ViewView
096000 Agency Publishing Services09/09/2015FormsMailing Labels: Mike Lee 200009/17/201509/09/2015ViewView
096290 Agency Publishing Services10/08/2015FormsRequest for Retrieval of Retired Records 100010/19/201510/08/2015ViewView
386326 Agency Publishing Services07/31/2015BooksU.S. Navy Coastal and Riverine Warfare in Vietnam, 1965-1968 113609/02/201508/03/2015ViewView
386708 Agency Publishing Services10/08/2015PamphletsBasics for Students Sept. 2015 English 60004111/02/201510/08/2015ViewView
386712 Agency Publishing Services10/09/2015PamphletsLoan Basics For Parents (September 2015) 60002511/02/201510/09/2015ViewView
390226 Agency Publishing Services07/23/2015PostersCanyon Country (Large Poster) 22008/13/201507/23/2015ViewView
390600 Agency Publishing Services09/11/2015PamphletsFollow That Trail 4400010/02/201509/15/2015ViewView
391135 R-3Agency Publishing Services08/26/2015BooksNaval Air War: The Rolling Thunder Campaign 118509/21/201508/27/2015ViewView
391220 Agency Publishing Services07/14/2015File Folders JacketsCERTIFICATE HOLDER-ACHIEVED EXCELLENCE AWARD 1050007/30/201507/14/2015ViewView
391282 Agency Publishing Services07/16/2015PamphletsLife Events & Your Retirement Insurance 510108/07/201507/16/2015ViewView
391289 R-1Agency Publishing Services07/13/2015PamphletsOur Flag 2020007/24/201507/13/2015ViewView
391301 R-1Agency Publishing Services07/17/2015FormsAdult Preventive and Chronic Care Flowsheet 3190007/30/201507/17/2015ViewView
391311 Agency Publishing Services07/02/2015PamphletsCOLLABORATIVE FOREST LANDSCAPE RESTORATION 5-YEAR REPORT (FS-1047) 41608/04/201507/23/2015ViewView
391318 R-3Agency Publishing Services07/16/2015EnvelopesAF2705 radiographic Film Envelope (Blue) 30009/04/201507/16/2015ViewView
391324 Agency Publishing Services06/18/2015EnvelopesKRAFT ENVELOPE-BROWN-DO NOT MAIL 50008/21/201508/06/2015ViewView
391341 R-1Agency Publishing Services07/15/2015EnvelopesX-ray Film Negative Preserver 200008/28/201507/16/2015ViewView
391353 Agency Publishing Services07/23/2015File Folders JacketsOCAR Certificate Holder (Lanscape) 200008/05/201507/23/2015ViewView
391370 Agency Publishing Services07/16/2015Promotional ItemsConcert Community Relations Materials 5000010/09/201508/24/2015ViewView
391377 Agency Publishing Services06/30/2015OtherCertificate Holders 200008/05/201507/16/2015ViewView
391383 Agency Publishing Services08/07/2015FormsCBO Human Resources Recruitment Brochure 640009/04/201508/07/2015ViewView
391399 Agency Publishing Services07/23/2015MapsNAVMC 1008-A USMC MOS CHART June 2015 272008/19/201507/24/2015ViewView
391402 Agency Publishing Services07/13/2015EnvelopesLFS-07 Winback Receipts Outer Envelopes 25000008/05/201507/13/2015ViewView
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