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The following list contains abstracts of the quotations submitted and copies of the specifications on small purchases that have been awarded. Click on any of the column headings below to sort the jobs listed. You may also search using the drop downs and search criteria box below. Click on "view" to see a copy of the specification or abstract selected. This list contains only jobs that have been processed through the new online system and will not contain older jobs.

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Jacket Number 6Rev. 5Office Name 5Bid Close Date 5Product Type 5Title 5Total 5Ship Delivery Date 5Date Awarded 5Spec 5Abstract 5
085420 R-2Agency Publishing Services02/28/2014OtherePub for Hispanic Americans in Congress 403/18/201402/28/2014ViewView
085861 R-1Agency Publishing Services02/05/2014FormsU.S. Capitol Visitor Guide Brochure, CVC Job# 13-080 3562503/06/201402/05/2014ViewView
086673 Agency Publishing Services02/21/2014FormsATTENDING PHYSICIAN RADIOGRAPHIC REPORT 200002/26/201402/21/2014ViewView
086781 Agency Publishing Services02/27/2014Labels/StickersMAILING LABELS: WITH NANCY ERICKSON FRANK 200003/10/201402/27/2014ViewView
086793 Agency Publishing Services03/06/2014FormsEXHIBITION HALL ROTATION X BROCHURE, CVC JOB #14-016 5000003/19/201403/06/2014ViewView
086798 Agency Publishing Services02/28/2014Labels/StickersMailing Labels-Continuous Self-Adhesive 200003/07/201402/28/2014ViewView
086838 Agency Publishing Services03/03/2014FormsForms 2000003/11/201403/04/2014ViewView
086913 Agency Publishing Services03/11/2014FormsVISITOR GUIDE BROCHURE INTERNATIONAL-PRINTING 4, CVC JOB #14-030 24000004/18/201403/11/2014ViewView
086935 Agency Publishing Services03/20/2014FormsDome Restoration Brochure, CVC Job #14-041 25000004/10/201403/20/2014ViewView
087012 Agency Publishing Services03/19/2014FormsCAPITOL AND CONGRESS BROCHURE INTERNATIONAL-PRINTING 4, CVC JOB #14-024 9000004/21/201403/20/2014ViewView
087013 Agency Publishing Services04/07/2014FormsEXHIBITION HALL BRUMIDI BOOKMARK - 3 CVC # 14-042 10000004/28/201404/07/2014ViewView
087031 Agency Publishing Services03/20/2014FormsCalendar Slips 50003/26/201403/20/2014ViewView
087065 R-1Agency Publishing Services03/26/2014FormsSTUDENT GUIDE MAP OF CAPITOL GROUNDS (13-077) 40000005/05/201403/26/2014ViewView
087291 Agency Publishing Services04/01/2014Forms3-Part Voucher for Print Re-Orders 400004/08/201404/01/2014ViewView
087305 Agency Publishing Services04/03/2014EnvelopesItem 1 - Internal Priority Mail Only Envelopes 50004/22/201404/03/2014ViewView
377087 Agency Publishing Services01/29/2014BooksPublication 1132 689302/14/201401/29/2014ViewView
381276 R-1Agency Publishing Services01/30/2014PamphletsOpen World 2012 Annual Report 100002/14/201401/31/2014ViewView
381481 Agency Publishing Services03/20/2014OtherA Basic Guide to Exporting 109/30/201403/21/2014ViewView
381553 Agency Publishing Services01/29/2014BooksCMH PUB 93-10 Unknown Future and Doubtful Present 1000002/24/201401/30/2014ViewView
381716 Agency Publishing Services02/05/2014FormsHomeless Children and Youth Program 549502/20/201402/05/2014ViewView
381778 R-5Agency Publishing Services02/26/2014CD/DVD ReplicationMade Possible by Campaign Distribution Packaging 1518903/14/201404/01/2014ViewView
381805 R-1Agency Publishing Services02/10/2014FormsLaw Enforcement Commander's Crisis Management Pocket Guide 2500003/05/201402/10/2014ViewView
381807 R-2Agency Publishing Services03/14/2014BooksCritical Incident Handbook 1868004/04/201403/14/2014ViewView
381880 Agency Publishing Services03/11/2014BooksFunding Your Education-The Guide to Federal Student Aid (FEB. 2014) Spanish 20003303/28/201403/11/2014ViewView
381895 Agency Publishing Services02/25/2014FormsDo You Need Money for College? Federal Student Aid at a Glance, Spanish Edition 30004303/31/201402/25/2014ViewView
382132 R-1Agency Publishing Services02/24/2014SnapoutsExercise of an Incentive Stock Option Under Section 422(b) 3014003/13/201402/24/2014ViewView
382272 Agency Publishing Services03/11/2014FormsAnnual Summary & Transmittal of US Information Returns 335162103/26/201403/11/2014ViewView
382341 R-1Agency Publishing Services02/24/2014FormsCollection Appeal Rights (Rev. 02-2014) 195773304/04/201402/24/2014ViewView
382665 Agency Publishing Services02/26/2014FormsInterest Income 96090103/25/201402/26/2014ViewView
384389 Agency Publishing Services03/12/2014BooksMSC's 2013 YEAR IN REVIEW BOOKLETS (PRINTING) 103503/18/201403/12/2014ViewView
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