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Awarded Jobs

The following list contains abstracts of the quotations submitted and copies of the specifications on small purchases that have been awarded. Click on any of the column headings below to sort the jobs listed. You may also search using the drop downs and search criteria box below. Click on "view" to see a copy of the specification or abstract selected. This list contains only jobs that have been processed through the new online system and will not contain older jobs.

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Jacket Number 6Rev. 5Office Name 5Bid Close Date 5Product Type 5Title 5Total 5Ship Delivery Date 5Date Awarded 5Spec 5Abstract 5
095931 Agency Publishing Services09/09/2015Labels/StickersMailing Labels 200009/18/201509/09/2015ViewView
095945 R-1Agency Publishing Services09/09/2015EnvelopesPROPERTY/EVIDENCE ENVELOPE W/STRING 200010/07/201509/09/2015ViewView
096000 Agency Publishing Services09/09/2015FormsMailing Labels: Mike Lee 200009/17/201509/09/2015ViewView
096290 Agency Publishing Services10/08/2015FormsRequest for Retrieval of Retired Records 100010/19/201510/08/2015ViewView
097246 Agency Publishing Services11/03/2015FormsHouse Special Event Gallery Passes 2400012/01/201511/03/2015ViewView
097286 R-1Agency Publishing Services11/25/2015Diskette ReplicationCD-ROM and Jewel Case for House Journal 64912/11/201511/25/2015ViewView
097444 Agency Publishing Services11/09/2015Labels/StickersWHITE FRANKED LABELS (HAAS) 100011/13/201511/09/2015ViewView
097468 Agency Publishing Services11/12/2015FormsWHITE CARBONLESS (CFB) PERFORATED LASER PAPER 500011/20/201511/12/2015ViewView
097611 Agency Publishing Services11/23/2015FormsW-2 FORMS 1600012/17/201511/25/2015ViewView
386530 Agency Publishing Services05/07/2015BooksA Basic Guide to Exporting, 11th Edition 85505/27/201510/21/2015ViewView
386708 Agency Publishing Services10/08/2015PamphletsBasics for Students Sept. 2015 English 60004111/02/201510/08/2015ViewView
386712 Agency Publishing Services10/09/2015PamphletsLoan Basics For Parents (September 2015) 60002511/02/201510/09/2015ViewView
390600 Agency Publishing Services09/11/2015PamphletsFollow That Trail 4400010/02/201509/15/2015ViewView
391484 R-2Agency Publishing Services09/03/2015OtherTSA Precheck Banner Up Displays 12609/30/201509/03/2015ViewView
391491 Agency Publishing Services07/28/2015EnvelopesVarious Types of Preprinted Envelopes 1300010/01/201509/10/2015ViewView
391500 Agency Publishing Services09/23/2015PamphletsCONSUMER HANDBOOK ON ADJUSTABLE RATE MORTGAGES (ARM) 2014 3000010/09/201509/23/2015ViewView
391586 R-1Agency Publishing Services11/09/2015FormsDPD-SIT REPORT PADS 2500011/30/201511/09/2015ViewView
391630 Agency Publishing Services09/03/2015PamphletsSesame Street Educators Guide (English) Item 1. 5004110/02/201509/16/2015ViewView
391642 R-1Agency Publishing Services10/02/2015PamphletsDCPS PARENT HANDBOOK 2015-2016 (PRINT-ENGLISH/SPANISH, PLUS 4 VERSIONS) 2605010/19/201510/06/2015ViewView
391664 R-2Agency Publishing Services09/30/2015FormsALB Notpads 50011/05/201510/09/2015ViewView
391685 Agency Publishing Services09/21/2015EnvelopesWhite Envelopes (4-1/8 x 9 -1/2) 500009/29/201509/21/2015ViewView
391716 Agency Publishing Services09/18/2015OtherE-Book Conversions Exercise And Physical Activity 209/30/201509/18/2015ViewView
391727 R-2Agency Publishing Services09/08/2015OtherSCANNING/DOCUMENT CONVERSION 5000010/20/201509/08/2015ViewView
391740 R-2Agency Publishing Services09/02/2015PamphletsTHUNDERSTORMS, TORNADOES, LIGHTNING ... (NOAA YPA 201051) 4434509/14/201509/03/2015ViewView
391755 Agency Publishing Services09/01/2015Laminated ProductsGAG Laminated Food and Beverage Cards 450009/11/201509/01/2015ViewView
391763 Agency Publishing Services09/15/2015BooksNational Park Service Covered Bridges Book 242610/16/201509/15/2015ViewView
391800 R-1Agency Publishing Services08/31/2015FormsApplication for Tax Paid Transfer & Registration of Firearm 2501909/21/201508/31/2015ViewView
391813 Agency Publishing Services08/27/2015OtherALB Doorhanger 1000009/22/201509/02/2015ViewView
391814 Agency Publishing Services09/03/2015Labels/StickersSF708 Confidential ADP Media Classification Label 30010/08/201509/08/2015ViewView
391815 Agency Publishing Services09/04/2015FormsMail Manifest 3270011/04/201510/20/2015ViewView
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