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The following list contains abstracts of the quotations submitted and copies of the specifications on small purchases that have been awarded. Click on any of the column headings below to sort the jobs listed. You may also search using the drop downs and search criteria box below. Click on "view" to see a copy of the specification or abstract selected. This list contains only jobs that have been processed through the new online system and will not contain older jobs.

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Jacket Number 6Rev. 5Office Name 5Bid Close Date 5Product Type 5Title 5Total 5Ship Delivery Date 5Date Awarded 5Spec 5Abstract 5
092399 Agency Publishing Services01/28/2015Forms114th Congress Floor Access Passes 121102/06/201501/28/2015ViewView
092420 Agency Publishing Services01/21/2015Labels/StickersWhite Franked Laser Peel-off Labels: Committee on the Budget 60001/26/201501/21/2015ViewView
092513 Agency Publishing Services01/21/2015Labels/StickersMailing Labels - Sen. David Perdue 200001/29/201501/22/2015ViewView
092598 Agency Publishing Services02/04/2015Labels/StickersMailing Labels: Frank only - Sen. Cory Gardner 200002/11/201502/04/2015ViewView
092676 Agency Publishing Services01/28/2015FormsSOS LEAVE/OVERTIME TIME SHEETS 1000002/04/201501/28/2015ViewView
092731 Agency Publishing Services02/04/2015FormsFloor Tour Access Passes 11002/13/201502/04/2015ViewView
092783 Agency Publishing Services02/12/2015Diskette ReplicationCD-ROM AND JEWEL CASE-HOUSE JOURNAL 65904/01/201503/23/2015ViewView
092891 Agency Publishing Services02/04/2015Labels/StickersMailing Labels: Sen. Mike Rounds 200002/11/201502/04/2015ViewView
092942 Agency Publishing Services02/09/2015Labels/StickersWHITE FRANKED LASER PEEL-OFF LABELS (JCT-PAUL RYAN) 500002/17/201502/09/2015ViewView
093256 R-1Agency Publishing Services02/17/2015FormsCheck Stub Forms 10000003/06/201502/20/2015ViewView
093335 Agency Publishing Services02/25/2015Labels/StickersWHITE FRANKED LASER PEEL-OFF LABELS (HAAS) 100003/04/201502/25/2015ViewView
093477 Agency Publishing Services03/02/2015Labels/StickersSelf adhesive Label - Cory Gardner (CO) 250003/06/201503/02/2015ViewView
093627 R-1Agency Publishing Services03/13/2015Labels/StickersWHITE FRANKED LASER PEEL-OFF LABELS (HAAS) 100003/27/201503/13/2015ViewView
093793 Agency Publishing Services03/23/2015DecalsHOUSE STAFF LED TOUR CVC TRANSIT BADGES 1000004/02/201503/23/2015ViewView
093867 Agency Publishing Services03/31/2015FormsMisc. Services: Court Attendance Record/Form CP-554 150004/07/201503/31/2015ViewView
093875 Agency Publishing Services03/31/2015MatchbooksPads: House Enrolling Clerk To Reading 2504/20/201503/31/2015ViewView
094004 Agency Publishing Services04/14/2015Labels/StickersWhite Franked Laser Peel-Off Labels 100004/20/201504/14/2015ViewView
096773 Agency Publishing Services03/25/2015FormsLeave Request Slips 100003/31/201503/25/2015ViewView
375723 Agency Publishing Services02/13/2015BooksVolulmes 29&30 and 31&32 Opinions of the Office of Legal Counsel 40004/20/201502/19/2015ViewView
386191 Agency Publishing Services02/05/2015FormsTake the Pool Safety Pledge 200002/17/201502/05/2015ViewView
386327 Agency Publishing Services04/08/2015BooksCombat at Close Quarters: Warfare on the Rivers & Canals of Vietnam 111205/08/201504/13/2015ViewView
386346 Agency Publishing Services02/03/2015OtherLenticular Cover for Sleeve and One Poster 6503/02/201502/05/2015ViewView
386394 R-1Agency Publishing Services01/30/2015BooksMD NATIONAL GUARD TABBED BINDERS 2002/06/201501/30/2015ViewView
386495 Agency Publishing Services02/19/2015BooksTHE JOINT STAFF AND NAT'L POLICY VOL 11 31903/23/201502/20/2015ViewView
386517 Agency Publishing Services02/27/2015PamphletsGraduate - A Financial Aid Guide to Success - English 1502903/13/201502/27/2015ViewView
386667 R-3Agency Publishing Services01/28/2015Promotional ItemsQuit Tobacco Stress Balls 4101403/16/201501/28/2015ViewView
386668 Agency Publishing Services01/22/2015Promotional ItemsQuit Tobacco Pens 2800002/12/201501/22/2015ViewView
386678 Agency Publishing Services02/27/2015BooksCMH Pub 70-118 Kevlar Legions: The Transformation of the U.S. Army, 1989-2005 100004/03/201503/03/2015ViewView
386692 Agency Publishing Services02/06/2015BannersBLACK HISTORY ROLLUP BANNERS 1103/24/201502/24/2015ViewView
386693 Agency Publishing Services02/03/2015BooksCMH Strategic Plan 2015 100003/04/201502/04/2015ViewView
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